Tell Me Who You Marry and I Will Tell You Where You Will Get.

By which means will our generations rise up?
Through families.
God has always wanted to bless our generations and those singles that believe to divine designs will have the door open to create a wonderful family to serve God.
My question is, how do I get that family? This is not magical neither improvised or by chance, because all Christians have the divine potential in their heart to live the experience to meet the person that will make us company in life. That is something wonderful.
There is something that God says once and again: What I have created works. His design for our lives works. If what He has created does not work is because of us, not him.
In today’s REALITY we have to stop and reflect about love; especially between a man and a woman to minister to the youth. It has been a revelation and I firmly believe that God has a plan for love.
I love Joseph and Mary’s life. I always wonder why God chose them even when Mary was so young. According to what we have seen, God had a design to develop his divine plan here on earth (His Son Jesus) and this couple could make it. I do not get tired of ADMIRING Joseph’s reaction when he finds out about Mary’s pregnancy: “As Joseph was a just man and not willing to make her a publick example (Matthew 1:19); he did not transform himself into a just man when he met Mary.


If we see Mary, we know that she saved herself and waited the Lord as so many virgins in her time. God chose her. The first principle I find is that every son or daughter should be prepared in holiness and justice in their homes to not FIX problems later.
Another person that calls my attention is ABRAHAM. He, as a father, was worried of WHO would be Isaac’s wife, because he wanted to preserve his generations. If Isaac had married a pagan woman, God’s promise to Abraham would not have been fulfilled.

BOTH WERE A MINISTERIAL BOMB THAT EXPLOITED FROM THEIR LOVE RELATIONSHIP TO HAVE A PROFOUND IMPACT ON THE WORLD. God wants improvisations come to an end. This is how I feel it: God will not let just anyone to participate in his marvelous plans here on earth. FRUITS NEED TO BE EVIDENT. I was thinking about the instruction that apostle Paul gave: “men ought to love their wives, even as Christ loved his church.”(Ephesians 5:25) Is that practical or conceptual? Is it something that can be understood when one is married or is it some revelation needed when one is single?

The reason to make these questions is because the love that God asks the marriages is the same one that He had. This is, to surrender oneself with no restrictions; is to surrender one’s will for the wife or husband can feel loved. When we understand God’s way, everything makes easier. 1

I really feel that God’s designs work today. The past generation, sadly, raised, in its majority, selfish, lovers of themselves, degenerated, proud, without limits and with A DEEP FEAR TO REJECTION children. All that, SADLY, is taken to marriage or cohabitation, producing the disasters we see today.
Thank God for our parents, obviously, but let us believe the following referring to our children: prepare them so that they go a long way; as God’s gifts to serve the Church; to form their character in a way that nothing seems impossible; teach them to respect, serve, take into account and love women since they are kids. The children will learn at home that love is not just an emotion, but a will-made decision. There they will discover their gifts and will feel self-confident to choose the best God’s person for their lives when the time comes. I declare that prophetically!
A sexist, unfaithful, immature and violent IS FORMED.

If we see that in the Christian area, it makes me think of something very tough: Our relationship of love with the Lord is measured in how we love our neighbor, especially the closest one. (The person we love.) Someone’s love life, their behavior, their way of saving themselves for marriage reflects their communion with the Lord perfectly.
A saying comes to my mind: “Tell me who you marry and I will tell you where you will get.” This phrase encourages brothers and sisters that love the Lord with all their heart to have no problems when marrying the person that God has assigned for them, because He TAKES CARE of giving testimony by His Spirit to their hearts. The problem that prevents one to live love fully is the wrong definition we have of it:

We say that we all love, that any person loves another one, an object or being. We only have to watch Valentine’s Day to see how all the couples go out and “love” each other. But the thing is that the world’s love concept is far from God’s. We need to understand that not everybody loves. Maybe all feel attraction, affection or other emotions, but that is not love. No one that has not been born from the Holy Ghost (born again), can experience or give love.  It is impossible that we want to die living in our corrupt nature to let others live (love’s true sense); it is totally the opposite. For example, the base of the contemporary economic thinking is based on that the human being is selfish and that is always searching to maximize their belongings. 2

The aforementioned makes me think that it is time to change what we have understood as to love someone in our generation. The questions stand on their own weight: Who do we love? How do we love? I personally think that we have not lived love fully in our generation. I daily see people that marry skeptics, people that fornicate, that join themselves to others just because of something physical or because the smile of the other person liked them; but they did that without God’s confirmation and, in many cases, because of an extreme emotional need. Results can be seen: dating, courtship and marriage have, many times, no significance for the Kingdom. Actually, it is in many cases, the cause of spiritual decline and no growing. Stories repeat over and over again. First comes infatuation, then feet are put violently on earth and there we see a person full of defects.
Opinions and ways of thinking simply gather. Someone can raise their hands, pray and fornicate with their couple. All the steps that a church asks can be taken, but when those people marry, something worse happens to them; they stop serving God. It is necessary that we heal our generations by giving sense and purpose to our relationships. FRUITS NEED TO BE EVIDENT BEFORE BEING MARRIED, NOT WHILE BEING MARRIED.

I recently noticed the purest meaning of the word ideal, and it points out the “right, suitable, convenient and useful” person. 

All that means that if everything works out in God, the person that He has assigned for us must have those characteristics, NO LESS. After having advised so many young people, after having observed how they proceed in this topic about feelings in other churches, among others, I came to the following conclusion: “God is searching for a new generation to join them together and that way, as a family, spread God’s Kingdom which will bring joy and fulfillment to the relationship.”  If that is not the base, I doubt that things work as God wants in this time. 
It is urgent for us, consequently, to change our way of thinking, our way to see life and feelings. Honestly, God has to break our molds and structures that, sometimes, do not help in the extension of His Kingdom.
Maybe we were never raised to love someone else at home and barely survive by on our own, begging for affection or attention, but there is the wonderful; to believe that God makes all things new. That in our genes all shallowness is broken and that He will change our sight, to see people around us in depth and to discern by His Spirit. The prophets, apostles, servants that will shake this world for GOD’S GLORY are in our genes.
God will allow us to see HIS dreams, which we have not seen in our family, for the love he has to our generations.
There are PLANTING and HAVERSTING generations.
There are generations that GO OUT of Egypt and others that CONQUER.
There are generations that MUST GIVE EVERYTHING.
But another generation comes, which will go way far than us. It depends on us that this is done.  I BELIEVE IT AND SEE IT THAT WAY!

Chapter 5
Preparing an Excellent Generation
Translated from the Spanish by María I. Marín Dufau 

Alberto Rojas
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